Snow Day!

Life has been hard for Dani, Luci, and Marian. And they are only 5 years old! Abandoned by their families – all three little boys came to live in RCE’s Darius House over the last 12 months. They have been labeled as ‘disabled,’ but most of their challenges come from neglect and abuse. All three are high-functioning and have great expectations to thrive in the loving, recuperative environment at RCE. The boys attend the Kindergarten class together at Sunshine School and are affectionately known on campus as ‘the babies’.  

RCE takes fun seriously for children who have been denied the joys of childhood. You can see that in this note and short video from Lorena Martin (Assistant to the Director).

We had a great time today, playing in the Snow with Luci, Dani And Marian, the babies from DH. They love Snow!

The weather today is great! Bright shinny sun and amazingly white Snow!

God is So Good! Their smiles and fun can light up your day!

Enjoy it!