Emilian is Coming Back!

Emilian was 10 years old when you met him at the 2009 Walk-a-Thon. He made friends with everyone he met. Something about his big smile, giggle, and sweet spirit.  But Emilian desperately wanted a family of his own and people who met him began to pray with him for that special blessing.  God answered his prayers (and yours) and now Emilian is coming back for the spring events with his brother, Paul!  

Emilian and Paul will be joined by Cristi Dagau. Cristi was eight years old when he was placed in a family through RCE and today he is the Administrator and part time teacher at Sunshine School. Cristi has a lovely wife and baby daughter, their family is a picture of restoration into the second generation.

Emilian is a young man now. He made a profession of faith and joined the church last year. He will finish high school soon and, by God’s grace, Emilian has all the hopes and expectations of any bright, eager, 18-year-old with a loving family to guide him.

Come and join these fine young men and help RCE raise funds for many other needy young people at the Darius Houses, Sunshine School and Amy’s House!

Save the Date: April 29th!

5K RUN at Landon School, MD, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. (Click here to download form)


Walk-a-Thon along the W & OD Trail in VA, 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. (Click here to download form)

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Thank you for your prayers and please join us to walk with Emilian.