Baking a Cake

Some of the classes from Sunshine School are vocational classes, where students learn through more practical daily activities rather than math, Romanian, or history. These classes have older kids, and they learn to mix snacks, clean their room, wash dishes or cook.


One of these lessons proved just how fun learning can be, when they baked an apple cake! Everybody had something to do: cut the apples, mix the eggs and yogurt, and mix the flour with sugar. The hard part was waiting while the cake was in the oven and then waiting again for it to cool down.
The kids had a special guest for this activity, Doina Martin, as a mother who cooks at home for her family. The kids listened to her very well, and the result was a delicious cake!
Thank you very much for all who give so that we can provide all the supplies kids needs in their learning process. Enjoy the video! Sorry we can't post the cake to share too...