Sorin's House Opening


Last week Sorin helped cut the ribbon at the grand opening of RCE’s newest group home, which happens to be named after him. His art brightened the walls of the newly completed house where he and other young adults with severe disabilities will live on RCE’s Residential Campus.

A brass band welcomed local church partners, the Child Protection Department, neighbors and friends. Take a look at this clip of the celebration.

Watch it again and take note of Claudiu, a Darius House boy and special guest in the upcoming 5K RUN. He is playing the tuba. It has been his dream to play in a band and there he is doing so! And Ghitza, who now lives in Pecica House on the Campus, joins in spontaneously on the drums. It was a happy day.

Residents in RCE’s group homes are not measured or valued for their accomplishments or abilities but for their intrinsic value and worth as children of God. However, Sorin’s art is brilliant and enriches us all, and Boti’s smile brightens any day.  Knowing these young people is to know a little more of the heart of God who rescued them.

There was a time, and it is still true in far too many places around the world, that these kids would not be treated with dignity. But in this place there will be laughter and light – and yes, there will be some tears - but God’s people will be there to wipe away the tears.

With your help, and by God’s grace, we have created a place where Sorin can continue to use his gift as an artist; where Boti and Adina can work in the garden and help care for the chickens and rabbits and vegetable garden; a place where Leti can grow old with dignity.

Thank you for your generous gifts, your prayers, and your support that made Sorin’s House a reality.

Mark your calendars for April 28th and come join Claudiu . . . and RUN FOR THEIR LIVES! Click here for registration and details!


Baking a Cake

Some of the classes from Sunshine School are vocational classes, where students learn through more practical daily activities rather than math, Romanian, or history. These classes have older kids, and they learn to mix snacks, clean their room, wash dishes or cook.


One of these lessons proved just how fun learning can be, when they baked an apple cake! Everybody had something to do: cut the apples, mix the eggs and yogurt, and mix the flour with sugar. The hard part was waiting while the cake was in the oven and then waiting again for it to cool down.
The kids had a special guest for this activity, Doina Martin, as a mother who cooks at home for her family. The kids listened to her very well, and the result was a delicious cake!
Thank you very much for all who give so that we can provide all the supplies kids needs in their learning process. Enjoy the video! Sorry we can't post the cake to share too...

Snow Day!

Life has been hard for Dani, Luci, and Marian. And they are only 5 years old! Abandoned by their families – all three little boys came to live in RCE’s Darius House over the last 12 months. They have been labeled as ‘disabled,’ but most of their challenges come from neglect and abuse. All three are high-functioning and have great expectations to thrive in the loving, recuperative environment at RCE. The boys attend the Kindergarten class together at Sunshine School and are affectionately known on campus as ‘the babies’.  

RCE takes fun seriously for children who have been denied the joys of childhood. You can see that in this note and short video from Lorena Martin (Assistant to the Director).

We had a great time today, playing in the Snow with Luci, Dani And Marian, the babies from DH. They love Snow!

The weather today is great! Bright shinny sun and amazingly white Snow!

God is So Good! Their smiles and fun can light up your day!

Enjoy it!


thank you for running for their lives.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who ran for their lives Saturday morning at Landon! We had amazing weather and loved seeing so many of you (almost 200 supporters!) come out to help this work we are all doing together, by God's grace, to rescue and care for "the least of these" in Romania.

Check out our recap video below and click HERE if you'd like to give to our campaign.


Our spring event this year is the FUN RUN on Saturday, April 28th from 8:15-10:15am at the Landon School in Bethesda. This year we have an official timed cross country 5K and a half mile fun run/walk suitable for families with young kids. The run/walk starts promptly at 9:00 and brunch follows the race.


Our special guest this spring is Claudiu who was rescued at age seven by RCE after living much of his young life on the streets. He is accompanied by Cipri and Lorena, two of his excellent teachers at Sunshine School. By God's grace, Claudiu is surrounded by the loving and supportive community at Darius House.


If you are interested in creating a personal fundraising page and asking friends and family to sponsor you to participate in the 5k or Fun Run, please click HERE.

If you would like to donate please click HERE and scroll to the bottom.

RCE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.
All donations go directly to helping children like Claudiu, so each gift truly makes a difference.

With your help, we can continue to end cycles of abuse and poverty by giving kids like Claudiu a hope and a future.


Linking Arms to Make Mercy Happen

Erin Jones is a freelance writer and humanities teacher, who visited Romania in 2014 with a group from her church, Fourth Presbyterian in Bethesda, MD.

This past October when RCE celebrated 25 years together, Nicoleta Balog shared her family’s experience of adopting Darius and Claudiu. She spoke in Romanian, and Carmen Bosca joined her at the podium, translating for her as she shared. The moment these two women took center stage to share a story together evoked an image that has been a common and beautiful thread throughout the story of redemption: God loves to work wonders through women supporting one another.


Just think back to the in the book of Ruth: in the midst of horrific heartbreak and tragedy, God used the bond between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to bring redemption, not only to their lives and circumstances, but to carry on the lineage of Christ.

Think of the bond between Mary the mother of Jesus and her older cousin Elizabeth, who hosted and supported Mary in the midst of the confusion and scandal surrounding her pregnancy. Their friendship would later be carried on through the bond between their sons, one the incarnate son of God and one the messenger and evangelist John the Baptist who heralded arrival of the long-awaited Messiah.

In his comments in October, RCE Board Chair Jim Perry, spoke about the beginnings of RCE, mentioning in particular Founder Mary Ann Bell’s heart to help the women of Romania. That heart and vision led to the formation of many gospel partnerships over the years--with women like Doina Martin, who started RCE's work of mercy by holding babies in state orphanages. She now provides leadership in the Poverty Prevention Program--helping over 200 impoverished families each year become self-sustaining. 

The support that the daughters of God show for one another is clearly close to the heart of the Father. It was present at the organization’s inception, and demonstrated 25 years later in a very simple moment of translating a story from Romanian into English.