Your Christmas Gifts at Work!

The Bisa family had never had a home of their own. Mr. and Mrs. Bisa, and their four beautiful children, lived in one crowded room and shared a kitchen, and an outdoor bathroom, with other extended family members. It was difficult and they dreamed of building their own house one day but several economic setbacks made that impossible. Including a disease that killed more than half of their herd of goats.


Ovidiu and Doina Martin, and RCE’s poverty prevention team, came to the rescue. RCE provided a no-interest loan to help the family build up their herd again and, with the help of volunteers from Fourth Presbyterian Church, MD., and McLean Presbyterian Church, VA, the family started to build a sturdy, safe little house where they now live in dignity. “A dream come true,” according to Mrs. Bisa.

This winter your Christmas gifts will help keep them warm.

RCE has helped 2027 impoverished families since we began our poverty prevention program in 1995! Families like the Bisa family who are now able to take care of most of their own needs and give their children a brighter future. Thank you for helping us make that possible.

We covet your prayers and support as we begin this new year as RCE is facing an unusual financial challenge. The dollar is down against the Romanian Lei by 21% since this time last year. The weaker dollar, plus an onerous new employment tax burden in Romania, has presented RCE with a major funding challenge for 2018. Your financial gifts will be more important than ever as we continue to serve impoverished families and rescue abandoned children with disabilities.

Thank you and God bless!

Christopher McLaughlin

Christopher enjoys a great glass of juice, eating grains that he has never heard of, and seeing how much spinach he can sneak into his children's smoothies.They let him know when he goes too far.