A New Home

How many of us have experienced the joys and challenges of moving to a new place? What emotions come up? What does it take to transform a house into a home?

Sorin’s House has been built with great purpose and intention just like every RCE project. We are motivated to make it happen for the orphans and disabled children that grow under our care by the idea of future young adults living there. With that vision in mind, we work to provide young adults like Sorin, Boti, Adina and Leti with a house perfectly suited to them where they can live happily together.


As we work, RCE’s Counseling Department has prepared a plan to help these future Sorin’s House residents feel less stressed throughout this process. Each week, all four of them travel to see the site and to feel more connected to their future house. During one recent visit, Boti, Sorin, Adina and Leti helped prepare the yard.

sorin & Leti.jpeg

Each time they visited, they had good interactions with the workers, saw the walls becoming bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen, and witnessed  their future bedrooms being transformed from mere bricks to walls that will one day hold pictures and decorations.


Sorin often mentions the process of covering the house with a roof, as well as the day the windows were fixed into the walls, leading to a noticeable difference in temperature.


What a blessing to have a home to spend all the years that God has prepared for them!