They Couldn’t Keep from Singing... and Everyone Loved It!

Marcus Albu is 14. He has never had a music lesson in his life. He taught himself to play the guitar, the accordion, and then moved on and taught himself to play the piano when RCE provided him a small one through the Christmas ‘Grant a Wish’ gift program.  


Marcus accompanied his family as they sang together at RCE’s annual celebration at Fourth Presbyterian Church (MD) on Saturday. Guests were amazed at his talent and touched by the story of a family that fell into dangerous poverty when the father was hurt while working on a construction job. They had two children and a newborn when he was hurt. With medical bills piling up, they took out bank loans that carried high interest rates. Living in one room with her parents, with growing debt they couldn’t pay off, the family was desperate.

What Dina and Ionut did have in abundance, even in their darkest hour, was a strong faith and lots of determination. They prayed. God heard and answered. Ovi and Doina Martin met the family and began to help. No-interest loans, construction materials, fire-wood for winter, a baby goat, summer camp for the children, RCE’s support changed their lives. The family got back on their feet financially and today, debt free and able to work again, Ionut is helping other families in need.

Ovi and Doina Martin lead RCE’s Poverty Prevention program helping over 2,000 families like the Albu family over the years. This short video by Oti and Ancu Bocsa tells the story of RCE’s ministry to families in need.

If you would like to partner with RCE in Making Mercy Happen for families like the Albu family, you can help us reach our fundraising goal for the evening of $90k.


Thank you for your prayers & support for God’s work of mercy in Romania!

Christopher McLaughlin

Christopher enjoys a great glass of juice, eating grains that he has never heard of, and seeing how much spinach he can sneak into his children's smoothies.They let him know when he goes too far.