Witnessing joy

Tara Collins, a physical therapist, recently visited RCE with her colleagues, Marti Carroll, Becca Adams and Megan Eyler. Here are her impressions from last spring.

I feel so blessed to have traveled to Romania to see first hand how the people of RCE have touched so many lives.  This was my first time traveling to Romania. I went with three other physical therapists. We had the opportunity to work with kids from the sunshine school as well as people in the community.

On many afternoons, we spent time visiting with some of the families who have been helped by the people of RCE. God’s work is truly happening and it's an amazing thing to experience.  For so many struggling families with unsafe and crumbling houses, RCE has pulled communities together to rebuild lives and homes. From resetting foundations, building kitchens and roofs, adding rooms for kids to sleep safely and comfortably...the list goes on. I never could have guessed the number of lives RCE has transformed by the grace of God and through His people.

We were able to meet some of the families who have worked with RCE to be able to welcome children with special needs into their lives. It was amazing to experience the joy of all the kids as well as the parents.

During our mornings we spent time at the sunshine school, working along side Cipri and Natalia. By Gods grace, Marti [Carroll] was able to have a company donate a gait trainer (a device that allows you to be upright and walk with support). We were able to have multiple kids, from the school and the community, utilize the gait trainer.  I’ll never forget putting Florinel in the gait trainer the first time, we learned quickly that we had to decrease the speed -- his little legs just wanted to take off running down the halls of the school! I loved witnessing the joy on his face to be able to stand in the gait trainer and play one of his favorite games of shooting a ball into a hoop.

I want to thank Ovi, Doina and their three beautiful daughters for opening their home to us. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to witness the homes and lives they have helped open and expand for these special children to join and feel safe and loved every day.