We ran for their lives!

Early showers did not deter Maryland participants who came to run for the lives of children with special needs at Darius House, Amy’s House and Sunshine School. RCE’s 5k race at Landon School in Bethesda was well attended and had an enthusiastic crowd despite the weather.

John Riker won the race for the second year in a row! Then the high school track and field athlete from Fourth Church watched and cheered Florinel who crossed the finish line with a little help from his adopted father, Ghitsa.


Michelle Lacey was the first woman finisher. Michelle came to run with her Lockheed Martin colleague, John Mollard, who said when he met Florinel and Ghitsa: “I am amazed someone my age would be willing to adopt a three-year-old – much less a three-year-old with Cerebral Palsy. Here it is seven years later and the love they have for each other is so obvious.”


The events brought out new friends -- like young Lucy, from Fourth Presbyterian Church, who was so excited to raise money for the kids of Sunshine School that she visited all of her neighbors, told them about RCE, then rewarded everyone who sponsored her with a homemade cupcake! 

And old friends -- like Moses the ‘missionary dog’ who has befriended special needs kids from Romania at our events for 12 years!  Moses is seen here leading RCE’s special guests, including Sunshine School teacher Alina Jurcan, down the W&OD trail.


Families and friends from McLean Presbyterian Church walked or biked the trail in the afternoon sunshine with supporters from Ambleside, Lorien Wood, and Dominion Schools. Ambleside Principal, Ginnie Wilcox, has welcomed RCE special guests to their chapel for more than a decade – giving the students a glimpse of what it means to ‘love mercy’ as God requires through stories of rescue and restoration.

Children proudly presented their (rain-soaked) envelopes stuffed with dollar bills they had saved or raised from friends and relations.  All the generous gifts – and those of RCE’s generous business sponsors - (# put in sponsor sheet) will add up to the goal of $30,000 – and all donations go directly to Romania to help rescue more children like Florinel.


There were about 200 total participants between the two events. Each of them came in the rain and the sunshine to walk for those who cannot walk, and to speak up for those who cannot talk -- orphans with no voice or power, abandoned and alone until God rescued them using His people at RCE.

Thank you for running for their lives!

Many thanks to our generous business sponsors!

Many thanks to our generous business sponsors!