Making Mercy Happen
For Twenty-Five Years & Counting...

The Board of Directors of Romanian Christian Enterprises requests the pleasure of your company with Honored Guests 

Mihai & Carmen Bocsa
Ioan & Nicoleta Balog
Claudiu & Darius (YoYo & Bob)

On the Evening of October 20, 2017
From seven to nine o’clock

To Celebrate Twenty-Five Years of Making Mercy Happen in Romania

At Fourth Presbyterian Church
5500 River Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20816

Light Dinner - Traditional Romanian Cuisine


Special Guests 


Mihai and Carmen Bocsa have been placing abandoned children in Christian families for two-decades. Join us to celebrate the over 100 orphans restored to families through their good and faithful efforts.

Rev. Ioan Balog is the Baptist Pastor of several village churches in Romania.  Nicoleta is a teacher. God blessed them with three children, Bianca (23), Andrei (20) and Beni (14), before they adopted Darius (6) and Claudiu (5).

Darius was abandoned in a dirty stairway of a block of flats. He was 18 months old. Claudiu was abandoned at birth and never saw his mother again. The boys met in Darius House. Then, by God’s grace, the Balog family answered the call of God to ‘care for the orphan’ and took both boys into their family.  Darius speaks for Claudiu, who is non-verbal, and he introduced them in their new environment as ‘Me & Him’ (YoYo & Bob). The nicknames stuck and today the boys not only have new lives but new names that speak not of abandonment and loss but of love and hope. You will be blessed to meet YoYo and Bob and hear their story of Amazing Grace.

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