A gift for all seasons!

This Christmas – and all year long – share the joy of participating in God’s work of mercy and justice by giving a gift to the needy on behalf of your friends and family.

It’s Simple. Here’s How it Works!

1. Decide on what you’d like to give:

Amy's House – preparing teens with special needs for life in community

Darius Houses – 3 recuperative group home for abandoned children with disabilities

"I have lots of friends at Darius House and people who love and take care of me, but I'm praying for a family of my own."

Text on card:

A gift of________has been given in your name and will benefit a rescued child now living in one of RCE's 4 recuperative group homes. Having known illness, abandonment, abuse and neglect, these children are now learning how to give and receive love.

And RCE takes fun seriously – restoring the joy of childhood to those for whom it had been denied. Kids attend church, events in the community, summer camp, outdoor adventure weekends, swimming and horseback riding as well as good food, physical therapy and counseling.


Your gift:

$25 Grant a Wish for Darius House / Amy's House child
$50 Friday Night Pizza Party for 10
$80 A week at Summer Camp (one child)

Sunshine School – A Christian Special Education School

Everyday is special at Sunshine School – especially your birthday!

Text on card:

A gift of_____has been given in your name to provide an education for children with special needs.

Sunshine School welcomes children from the community who have been denied an education in the public system as well as the abandoned children in RCE's recuperative group homes. Dedicated Romanian teachers, along with speech and physical therapists, work with U.S. consultants to provide the very best education possible for every child.

The school has been an agent of change for ten years opening eyes of understanding in the community. And now older students will be able to go on to learn a job skill and work for a wage at the new Enterprise Job Center. RCE is giving hope that lasts a lifetime!

Your gift:

$20 School Supplies
$35 Physical Therapy Equipment
$150 Enrichment Programs (swimming, cooking, horseback riding)
$5,000 Adopt a Classroom (with monthly class updates)

Poverty Prevention – Helping poor families become self-reliant

RCE helps poor families with vulnerable children

Text on card:

A gift of______has been given in your name to an impoverished family with vulnerable children. This support helps families become self reliant, reduces the risk of abandonment and prevents suffering.

RCE partners with fourteen local churches to help hundreds of families every year escape the crises of extreme poverty, restoring broken relationships and breaking the cycle of poverty for many. Support takes the form of no-interest micro-loans, housing construction, farm animals for food and income, tutors, scholarships, medical and dental care. Every year more families become self-sufficient and begin 'giving back' to others in need.

Your gift:

$15 Flock of chickens, ducks or geese
$40 A little fat pig, goat, or lamb
$60 A month supply of pain medicine for elderly poor
$200 A month supply of firewood
$600 One Milk Cow
$500 A month of dental and medical care for a poor family
$750 A no-interest loan


Placement / Love House Families – Helping families adopt children

Carina is now enjoying life in a family with her new sister and a visit from RCE Placement Director, Mihai Bocsa

Text on card:

A gift of_____has been given in your name to help a previously abandoned child enjoy life in a family. Placing emotionally troubled and disabled children in Romanian families who have willing hearts but few resources requires limited support from friends like you.

Many years ago God used a little abandoned and disabled boy named Darius to call His people at RCE to 'defend the cause of the fatherless' through systematic programs that restore dignity and hope. Today, Darius lives with his family in a little village, safe and loved. Thirty-seven other needy children have been restored to families in RCE's twenty-five Love House families.

Your gift:

$25 Grant a Wish for Love House child
$80 Send a Love House Child to Summer Camp
$300 Sponsor a Love House family (one month)

2. Total the amount of your gift(s) and write out a check payable to Romanian Christian Enterprises (RCE). Mail your tax-deductible check to:

Romanian Christian Enterprises
21058 Unison Road
Middleburg, VA 20117

3. Personalize the cards that corresponds with the gifts you selected:

The name of the person receiving the card:
Street Address 1:
Street Address 2:

4. Let us know who you are:
Your name:
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