Summer Camp in Romania

Mark Moran is a high school senior from Fourth Presbyterian Church who served in July 2018 at RCE’s Summer Camp which benefits children and families from RCE’s Poverty Prevention Program.

My summer in 2018 was one of my greatest experiences in growing with the Lord. I was blessed with the opportunity to go on not one, but two, mission trips in two different continents in the span of less than a month. My trips to Romania and Ecuador led to my most awe-inspiring moments during which I really could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working through me and others. 

The Romania trip on July 20-28 was without a doubt the highlight of my summer. Not only was it the first time I left the United States, but I got to experience the other side of the world with a completely different culture. The moment I stopped foot in the Sunshine School located in Arad, Romania— after a long car ride from Budapest, Hungary— I could smell the difference between Romania and the United States. The air was much cooler and more refreshing because we were miles into the countryside with nothing more than farmland and little villages surrounding us. 

Our high school team came to the Sunshine School summer camp to serve the children with disabilities sponsored by Romanian Christian Enterprises. The first person I met was Ovi Martin, Director of RCE. He was very glad to receive us and treated us with great hospitality the entire time. When we arrived at the camp where we were serving the next five days, I was nervous. I didn’t know if I could fit in with the kids that well since I was a newcomer and I couldn’t speak one word of their language. I was happily proved wrong, however, when I met some of the most loving and heartwarming children I have ever encountered. For five days I was blessed to spend time with those children whom I will never forget. We spent precious time playing sports and most importantly, praising God for the blessings he provides us. I will never forget the relationships I made with those children in Romania and I look forward to meeting them again one day!