Once an alien and a stranger

Once an alien and a stranger and now a confident young man, Manu Carpacii was the honored guest at RCE’s gala event in Washington D.C. on Friday evening. He dined with friends and partners of the ministry that rescued him. Whether caused by trauma relating to domestic violence when he was a boy or a disability from birth, Manu is non-verbal and has cognitive limitations. But he enjoys life and his many friends in the RCE family. Manu communicates with ‘body language’ and a few words and signs. And his smile!

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Chairman of the Board, Jim Perry, Ovidiu Martin, General Manager and RCE’s new Director, Daniel Buzgau, shared Manu’s story and how RCE’s programs have made his transformation and restoration possible.

From Darius House to Amy’s House, and through Sunshine School, Manu now enjoys a semi-independent life as a young adult in his own apartment on RCE’s Residential Campus. He works in the Job’s Program and earns a salary.  Payday is Manu’s favorite day of the month!

Manu’s story is just one of the many broken lives changed because God’s people intervened. Hundreds of impoverished families will have food, firewood, and a safe shelter this winter. Abused, neglected and abandoned children with disabilities are now safe and loved in RCE’s six group homes. And over a hundred children who were once orphans are now sons and daughters, restored to families as God designed!

Jesus said, When I was hungry you gave me food. When I was thirsty you gave me drink. When I was a stranger you welcomed me in. RCE welcomed Manu in and his life is a living testimony to the grace of God and the obedience of His people.

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With your help, we slightly exceeded the generous $20k ‘match’ for Friday evening! Thank you for the many new sustaining gifts and one-time contributions that made that possible. We are still a little short of our $100k event goal and so if you wish to help with that important funding objective you can do so on line or mail to RCE 21058 Unison Road. Middleburg, VA 20117.

Thank you and God bless you!

Christopher McLaughlin

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