Back to school supplies

Lorena Martin works as an administrator in our poverty prevention program.

Slowly but surely, fall steps in. The weather is cooler during the day and in the night time it is almost cold. Everybody is back from vacation, tan and full of energy (more or less...).

Late August and early September is the time of the year when we buy tons of school supplies and share them with families in needs. This year, around 200 children benefited from this program. It is a great adventure to go and buy hundreds of colorful notebook, pencils, backpacks and other school supplies, and then return to the office with a full van, sort them, go over the lists with the families and make individual packages for each.   

But the best part is when you get to take them to kids. To see their smiles and hear their giggles as they share everything! It is great to work in this ministry, to see how God is taking care these children! Thank you for all the smiles I get to see. Thank you for donating and investing in their education!