A birthday party!

We had an awesome birthday party last week! Let me tell you the story.

The Morar family lives near RCE’s campus, and they come daily to enjoy the new playground. The family doesn't own any property, and they live in a temporary group home. They don't have water or electricity. RCE helped the mother buy a generator for electricity and she does laundry twice a week in the washing machine at Amy’s House. Both parents are illiterate and unable to assist with school work, so RCE also supports the oldest girl’s education by providing an after-school tutoring program.

The family has 4 children,  David (17 years old), Dalina (10 years old), Andreea (8 years old) and Timeea (2 years old).

The girls have become friends with several children from the Darius Houses. Last week was Timeea's birthday and she invited three children from the Darius Houses to her party. A friend made her cake, and RCE brought themed table cloths, napkins and cups. There were balloons and confetti and lots of toys. The children enjoyed the time together and had so much fun playing. And the cake was delicious!