Director's perspective: It would have been enough...

Every few weeks in this space, one of RCE's directors or board members will share the heart and philosophy behind the ministry. This week's post is by Mary Ann Bell, a co-founder of RCE who serves as Executive Director.

‘It would have been enough…’ goes the ancient Passover song, Dayenu. If God had only given us the Law, it would have been enough. If God had only brought us out of Egypt, it would have been enough. Or given us the Promised Land. But instead, as the poem goes, God has given us all that and so much more.

RCE is entering its 25th year. The Passover poem comes to mind as I ponder what God has accomplished in our midst in those years.

It would have been enough, I thought, watching Manu go about his daily life with purpose and joy -- it would have been enough to see just this life rescued. Manu endured all manner of domestic violence that left him mute, followed by time in a state orphanage, but today he has a joyful and purpose-filled life.

It would have been enough to see this young man, so severely disabled, now thriving in his own apartment in RCE’s community. He invites friends over. And he cooks them dinner! He enjoys his job at the RCE Thrift Store and Farm & Garden. It would have been enough.

Cici, whose finger was taken off with a machete by her drunken father, is now part of RCE’s Job Program learning marketable skills she will use one day at a job in the community. Georgiana graduates from high school this year. And Vasile, adopted age seven, is now married and expecting his first child. The cycle is broken. It would have been enough.

And yet there are so many restored lives. There is Darius. And Albert and Emilian. YoYo and Bobi, and more boys named Dani than I can keep straight. There is Florin, Florinel, and Florian. Madalina, and Ema. It would have been enough.

By God’s grace, in the past two and a half decades, RCE has placed more than 100 children into loving Romanian families. We marvel to witness the compassion, generosity and great grace of our God displayed in just one restored life, but what joy to behold it in the many!