Board Chairman's perspective: A Normal Life

Every few weeks in this space, one of RCE's directors or board members will share the heart and philosophy behind the ministry. This week's post is by Jim Perry, the board chairman, who recently returned from a trip with a group of American businessmen to visit RCE.

Denis is 14 years old and was abandoned to the state by his family. Placed in a state institution for handicapped children, he was diagnosed with acute language disorder and emotional behavioral disorder. 

Traian is 8 years and was removed from an extremely violent and abusive home by child protection authorities. He was diagnosed with severe ADHD and mild mental retardation. 

Both came to live at RCE's Darius Houses earlier this year. Under the loving, nurturing care of RCE staff, both have thrived and are making great progress to overcome any disabilities. 

On a Friday evening last fall, they enjoyed a night out for pizza along with all the other Darius House kids and a team of American businessmen. Just another example of how RCE strives to give the Darius House kids a normal life so they can heal and be placed back into Romanian families. 

Please pray that God would continue to bless Denis and Traian with good progress and would provide them with new families very soon.