Dreams and blessings: the Bisa family

We all dream. What do you dream about? A new phone? A new bike or car?


We met the Bisa family a couple years ago as they we're looking for help starting a farm to provide food and money for their four young children. RCE helped them buy goats and gave them hope to dream more.


The Bisas dreamed of a house of their own. The family was living in one room of a relative’s home while they waited to build a house. The situation was difficult as their oldest daughter, Nico, started to go to school and needed a clean and quiet place to do homework.  

Last spring, as they were almost done saving to build a house, disease hit the goats and half of them died. The treatment for the others was so expensive that the family had to use their savings to protect what was left of their farm.

The dream that was so close to being fulfilled turned to dust. The family was in crisis and desperately needed help. 

We at RCE want to bring hope into sadness and light into darkness. We know nothing is impossible for our God, so we began to help the family despite the obstacles. But we didn’t know God was going heap blessings on this family in the form of willing hands and generous people.

We started to build the foundation in March and by September we already had the roof on! God sent several teams to do the labor, which made everything a lot cheaper. 

We want to take a moment to thank to everybody who was involved in this project by providing money, labor or prayers! May God bless you with at least the amount of joy you have brought to this family. 

Here is just a glimpse of the miracle that happened in that garden this year.