Making Mercy Happen, 2016

What one day of love can do for someone who has never been loved . . . ”

On Friday night, Oct. 21st, RCE celebrated making mercy happen with friends and partners of the ministry at Fourth Presbyterian Church. Senior Pastor Todd Smedley and his daughter Hannah welcomed the guests and shared their personal impressions from a mission trip in June.

Three years ago Beni and Nora Petrean welcomed two abandoned children with special needs into their already large, happy, and musical family!

Ovidiu Martin, RCE General Manager, introduced the ministry of RCE.

The Blessing of Belonging to a family: A mother’s perspective.   

A new sister’s perspective. 

A father’s perspective.       

Three years ago, before he was adopted into the Petrean family, Gigi could not speak, he was troubled and sometimes violent. Gigi has been transformed by their love.

Paula was only three when she came into the Petrean family. Now she belongs! 

Christopher McLaughlin

Christopher enjoys a great glass of juice, eating grains that he has never heard of, and seeing how much spinach he can sneak into his children's smoothies.They let him know when he goes too far.